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Chuck Norris Turns 75

Chuck Norris turned 75 this year on Tuesday, 10th March. Chuck Norris is an actor and being a martial artist, he has done a lot of action films. He is also a movie producer. He has also written screenplays for a number of movies. He has also authored a number of books. He has indeed managed to accomplish a lot.

Norris won may international Karate competitions and he was also in movies starring the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Nowadays quite a lot of Chuck Norris jokes are found in the internet. Chuck Norris served in the American Air Force and after that he became famous as a Martial Artist. He was a professional Karate fighter and had won world karate championship six times in middleweight category six times.

He also won  Chuck Norris earned 8th Degree Black Belt in the ancient Korean Martial Art, Tae Kwon do in the year 1997. No other individual from the west has been able to earn that honour before Chuck Norris. Chun Kuk Do is a school of martial art which was founded by Chuck Norris. It was founded in the year 1990. He has also founded United fighting Arts Federation and he is the chairman of the organisation.  The organisation was established in the year 1979. Read more »


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